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Do you know what items need to be done for bearing inspection?

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Bearing (Bearing) is an important part of contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient (friction coefficient) during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy (accuracy).

Bearing detection range

Ceramic bearings, needle roller bearings, joint bearings, linear bearings, high temperature bearings, self-lubricating bearings, motor bearings, fan bearings, hub bearings, sliding bearings, thrust bearings, angular contact bearings, spherical bearings, deep groove ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, roller bearings, joint bearings, combined bearings, rolling mill bearings, etc.

Bearing inspection items

Anti-grease leakage performance detection, fatigue life detection, hardness detection, surface quality (abrasion, damage, scratch, burn, rust), residual magnetic intensity detection, rotation flexibility detection, chemical composition detection, composition analysis, industrial diagnosis analysis, failure analysis, cause analysis, hardness test, top calcination test, low-magnification defect analysis, fracture analysis, non-metallic debris detection, decarburization layer analysis, microstructure analysis, microscopic void analysis, clearance detection, accelerated life test, temperature test, wear amount test, inner hole test, metallographic structure test, appearance test, impact strength test, heat resistance temperature test, crack test, strengthening test (load), temperature rise test, vibration test, drawing test, material analysis, metal grade identification, component detection, simulated environmental test (high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock (gaseous and liquid), immersion, temperature cycle, low pressure, high and low temperature and low pressure, constant damp heat, alternating damp heat, high pressure cooking, sand dust, explosion resistance, salt spray corrosion, gas corrosion, mold, rain, solar radiation, light aging), rotation speed detection, axial load detection, radial load detection, lubricity testing, extreme high and low temperature testing, dustproof testing, carbide inhomogeneity analysis, physical performance analysis, mechanical performance analysis, surface quality evaluation, tensile strength, elongation at break, compression set, wear, adhesion strength, impact toughness, fracture failure analysis, etc.

Bearing inspection standard

GB/T 38191-2019 Plain bearings-Nickel alloy self-lubricating bearing materials-specification

GB/T 37774-2019 Sliding bearings Tilting pads Bearing pad materials

GB/T 34884-2017 Rolling Bearings Flexible Bearings for Industrial Robots Harmonic Gear Reducer

GB/T 35083.1-2018 Plain bearings-Tests for tribological properties of bearing materials-Part 1: Tests for metallic bearing materials

GB/T 35083.2-2018 plain bearings-Testing of tribological properties of bearing materials-Part 2: Testing of polymer bearing materials

GB/T 35088-2018 Plain bearings-Tin-base cast alloys for multilayer plain bearings

GB/T 33624-2017 Measurement and assessment method for cleanliness of rolling bearings

GB/T 32323-2015 Rolling bearings-Measurement of axial clearance of four-point contact ball bearings

GB/T 32325-2015 Rolling bearings-Vibration (velocity) specifications for deep groove ball bearings

GB/T 32333-2015 Rolling bearing vibration (acceleration) measurement method and technical conditions

GB/T 32562-2016 Rolling bearing friction torque measurement method

GB/T 32321-2015 Rolling bearings-Sealed deep groove ball bearings-Test code for dust, grease and temperature rise performance

GB/T 18325.4-2009 plain bearings-Bearing fatigue-Part 4: Metallic multilayer bearing materials-Test of bearing shells

GB/T 18325.1-2001 Plain Bearings-Fatigue Strength of Plain Bearings under Hydrodynamic Lubrication in Testing Machines and for Practical Applications

GB/T 16748-1997 Plain bearings-Compression tests for metallic bearing materials

GB/T 12948-1991 Destructive Test Method for Bimetallic Bonding Strength of Plain Bearings

GB/T 7948-1987 Test Method for Limit PV of Plastic Bearings

GB/T 4662-2012 Static load rating of rolling bearings

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