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Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center, hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Axis Research HBRC) is a quality inspection and research institution established in 1980 by the United Nations Planning and Development Agency (UNDP/UNIDO) to assist China's bearing industry. It is mainly engaged in the application research of high-tech enterprises such as rolling bearing dynamic performance, fatigue life, reliability, tribology, etc. and the application basic research and development work related to bearings, it is a national high-tech enterprise carrying out research and development, production, sales and service of rolling bearing performance test equipment (the overall transformation of scientific research institutes in 2002). The company is located in the scenic city of Hangzhou, Huafeng Road Station of Metro Line 3, about 5 kilometers away from the north exit of Hangzhou Ring Expressway, covering an area of about 7000m ² and a construction area of about 5000m ². The company has more than 60 employees, of which more than 70% have a bachelor's degree or above, 3 senior engineers, 8 senior engineers and 18 engineers.


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The testing laboratory of Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center has an industry authorized organization of "Quality Testing Center for Mechanical Industry Bearing Products (Hangzhou). The testing laboratory has passed the accreditation of China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories ISO/IEC 17025:2005(No.CNAS L0309). The inspection report has the impartiality of the third party. The main business covers: quality supervision and inspection of the bearing industry; quality inspection of bearing products entrusted by customers and related performance tests and their evaluation; bearing failure analysis; CQC and MQC product demonstration and product quality inspection of cross-three-bar activities in the bearing industry.

Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center Co., Ltd. has successfully developed BVT series bearing vibration (speed) measuring instrument, ABLT series bearing life strengthening testing machine, BGT-1A type sealed bearing grease leakage temperature rise dustproof performance testing machine, SBV-1 steel ball vibration (speed) measuring instrument, XTP series rotary iron spectrometer, GFD-3 type grease filter device and other products, which have been widely used in bearing, petrochemical, motor, textile and military fields.


Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center Co., Ltd. is the Secretary-General of Zhejiang Bearing Industry Association. It has an authorized organization of "Mechanical Industry Bearing Product Quality Inspection Center (Hangzhou). The overall transformation of scientific research institutes retains the qualification of CMA/CML bearing testing and testing institutions of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry, which is only Luoyang, Shanghai and Hangzhou in the country. In 2003, it was reviewed by China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories (CNAL) and China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF), and the testing and test data were internationally recognized. The main business covers: quality supervision and inspection of bearing industry; quality inspection and related performance test and evaluation of bearing products entrusted by customers; bearing failure analysis; CQC and MQC product demonstration and product quality inspection of bearing industry cross-three-bar activities. The self-developed testing equipment covers rolling bearing life and reliability test, vibration and noise measurement, sealing performance test, friction torque measurement and other aspects.


In 2006, Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center Co., Ltd. established the first post-doctoral research station in Xiacheng District, Hangzhou. So far, it has recruited more than 20 post-doctoral fellows (16 of which are directly recruited by HBRC post-doctoral workstations) to engage in basic research on bearing-related science and technology applications. Won the 2022 Zhejiang Province Specialized in Special New Small and Medium Enterprises. He has undertaken many vertical national and provincial-level scientific research projects, and cooperated with well-known domestic enterprises, universities, and research institutes to complete more than ten horizontal scientific research projects, which has made demonstrations for the bearing industry in terms of industry-university-research and win-win cooperation. contribution. He has more than 20 patents and software copyrights (including 10 invention patents authorized and all commercialized); participated in more than 20 national standards and industry-related standards (including 5 first drafting units (persons)); published more than 300 papers; published more than 10 professional works and samples in Chinese and English; won more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial awards, and recently won the scientific and technological progress of China Machinery Industry FederationSecond prize 2 times and "national bearing special equipment research and development manufacturing excellent enterprise" title.


After more than 40 years of joint efforts of several generations, Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center Co., Ltd. customers all over the world, mainly for bearing manufacturers, bearing users, bearing testing institutions, universities and scientific research institutes and other services. Some products have passed the EU certification and successfully entered the EU market as well as the United States, India,Japan, South Korea and other international markets, for China's bearing test and equipment technology to the world has taken a key, pioneering, substantive first step. InAt the beginning of the fifth decade of HBRC (during the "14th Five-Year Plan"), it adheres to the principle of professionalism, concentration and concentration, based on East China, facing the whole country, connecting with the world and serving the world!

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