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The self-developed testing equipment covers rolling bearing life and reliability test, vibration and noise measurement, sealing performance test, friction torque measurement and other aspects.

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Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center, hereinafter referred to as "Hangxiyan HBRC") is mainly engaged in the application research of high-tech enterprises such as dynamic performance, fatigue life, reliability, tribology of rolling bearings and the application basic research and research work related to bearings. It is a national high-tech enterprise carrying out research and development, production, sales and service of rolling bearing performance test equipment (the overall transformation of scientific research institutes in 2002).

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In 2006, Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center Co., Ltd. established a post-doctoral research station in the original Xiacheng District of Hangzhou City. So far, it has recruited more than 20 post-doctoral fellows (16 of whom are HBRC post-doctoral workstations directly recruited) to engage in basic research on bearing-related science and technology applications. Won the 2022 Zhejiang Province Specialized in Special New Small and Medium Enterprises. He has undertaken many vertical national and provincial-level scientific research projects, and cooperated with well-known domestic enterprises, universities, and research institutes to complete more than ten horizontal scientific research projects, which has made demonstrations for the bearing industry in terms of industry-university-research and win-win cooperation. contribution.

Has more than 20 patents and software copyrights.


Participate in more than 20 national standards and industry-related standards


Published more than 300 papers


Published more than 10 professional works and samples in Chinese and English


More than 10 national, provincial and ministerial awards


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What type tests should be done for bearings in general

Abroad on the above several test methods are used, but the application purpose is not the same, for example, the development of a new product, the first thing to do friction and wear test. However, if the friction and wear form does not change much, only the product size and load conditions change, only the bench, simulation or actual operation test is required. Foreign countries on some key parts of the new products (such as car wheel bearings, etc.) assessment is extremely strict, must be the actual operation of the test, only approved for supporting use.


Bearing Test Technology and Testing Machine

Bearing is an important supporting basic part of mechanical transmission mechanism, which directly affects the technical level and quality performance of equipment, and is known as "industrial joint". At present, high-end bearings such as wind turbine bearings and high-speed rail bearings are monopolized and controlled by foreign companies. High-end bearings have become important strategic resources and important materials for national defense security and people's livelihood. There is still a big gap between the product research and development capabilities of domestic bearing enterprises and foreign advanced enterprises, especially in the comprehensive performance test, inspection and testing, product research and development, engineering and technical services, etc. These gaps have become the bottleneck restricting the innovation and upgrading of domestic bearing products and technological progress. Bearing enterprises to strengthen the new product trial production means, comprehensively enhance the bearing test ability, improve the bearing comprehensive inspection and testing means, can enhance the enterprise's independent research and development innovation ability, enhance the enterprise's market competitiveness.


Detailed explanation of bearing durability test method

Bearing durability test (Bearing Durability Test) refers to the test method to evaluate the durability and life prediction of bearing through a long time test. Durability test is one of the important means of bearing detection and evaluation, and it is also the basis of bearing design and quality control.

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