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Detailed explanation of bearing performance experiment

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General 1.

Bearings are one of the indispensable parts in various mechanical equipment. In order to ensure the quality and performance of bearings, many experiments are needed. Common bearing performance experiments include load bearing experiments, friction coefficient experiments, and fatigue life experiments. These experiments can not only provide reference for bearing manufacturers, but also provide important reference data for bearing users.

2. load bearing test

Load bearing performance is one of the most basic performance of the bearing, the test method is to install the bearing on the load carrying device to test, determine the maximum load bearing. This experiment can directly reflect the maximum load that the bearing can bear in the work, and it is also the basis of the agreed bearing performance index.

3. friction coefficient experiment

The friction coefficient of the bearing determines the friction heat and power loss of the bearing in the work. The friction coefficient experiment is calculated by measuring the sum of the rolling friction force of the bearing and the internal friction force of the bearing. The friction coefficient experiment of the bearing can provide important reference data for the use of the bearing, and help to deeply understand the friction principle and reduce the power loss.

4. fatigue life test

Fatigue life test of bearing is an important means to evaluate the working life of bearing. The purpose of the test is to determine the life and failure causes of bearing under specified conditions. In the fatigue life experiment, the actual working conditions of the bearing in the work are usually reproduced by repeated loading and repeated pulse loading. This experiment can simulate the changes in the working environment of the bearing and reflect the life of the bearing more truly.

V. Other Experiments

In addition to the above three common bearing performance experiments, there are some other experiments that are also important, such as bearing noise experiments, axial clearance experiments, etc. These experiments can provide bearing manufacturers and users with more comprehensive bearing performance evaluation data, and can guide the use and improvement of bearings.

6. Conclusion

Bearing performance experiment is very important to ensure bearing quality and performance. Through the measurement of load bearing, friction coefficient, fatigue life and other experiments, the performance indicators of the bearing can be effectively evaluated. These experiments not only provide reference for bearing manufacturers, but also provide users with important reference data for using bearings.

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