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What are the bearing experiments?

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Bearing test mainly includes bearing life test, bearing load test, bearing speed test and other special tests.

1. bearing life test

Bearing life test is an important physical test to judge the bearing life. The test method generally adopts intermittent operation, that is, intermittent rotation or load test of the bearing, and the life and reliability of the bearing are determined by monitoring the dynamic behavior and performance changes of the bearing.

2. bearing load test

Bearing load test is a method to verify the bearing load capacity. During the test, the bearing is fixed on the machine tool, and the external force in the horizontal or vertical direction is applied to simulate the load situation in the real use environment. The load capacity and fatigue life of the bearing are evaluated by measuring the load change and deformation change of the bearing.

3. bearing speed test

Bearing speed test is one of the commonly used methods to evaluate the speed performance and applicable conditions of bearings. During the test, the mechanical and electrical integration method is used to change the speed of the bearing by changing the speed of the motor, and the lower limit, upper limit and maximum speed of the bearing are tested and evaluated.

4. other special tests

In addition to the above three conventional bearing test methods, there are some special test methods, such as water spray test, low temperature test, high temperature test, corrosion test, etc. These tests are generally used to verify the reliability and durability of bearings in special environments. For example, the water spray test can verify the tightness and waterproofness of the bearing, and the low and high temperature tests can test the performance changes of the bearing under extreme temperatures.

In short, the bearing test is an important means to evaluate the performance and reliability of the bearing, and its purpose is to ensure the normal operation and long-term durability of the bearing. In actual operation, the appropriate test method should be selected according to specific needs, and the test should be carried out in accordance with the specifications to obtain accurate test data and evaluation results.

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