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Testing Laboratory of Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center (No. CNAS L0309)
Quality Inspection Center of Bearing Products in Machinery Industry (Hangzhou) [2006000681 A]

This laboratory is a third-party bearing testing laboratory independent of the manufacture, sale and use of bearing products. Set up inside the "mechanical industry bearing product quality inspection center (Hangzhou)" industry authorized institutions. It has a test site of 2000 m2, more than 150 sets (sets) of various types of test equipment, and 9 professional analysis engineers, of which 5 are senior or above titles, with more than 20 years of testing and analysis experience.
The main business scope is:
Inspection, evaluation and analysis of the quality of bearing products and their parts;
◆ Commissioned test and evaluation of bearing product fatigue life reliability, sealing performance (dustproof, grease leakage and temperature rise) and other related performance;
The bearing and its parts of the material, heat treatment quality detection and evaluation;
◆ Training of all kinds of testing personnel;
◆ Selection, comparison and evaluation of bearing suppliers;
Sampling and acceptance of bearing products, bearing enterprise system certification and factory inspection;
◆ CQC demonstration quality inspection of bearing products, quality inspection of bearing industry products across three bars;
◆ Bearing failure analysis;
◆ Test of bearing inner and outer diameter standard parts, raceway standard parts, clearance standard parts and vibration standard parts;
◆ Test and calibration of bearing vibration measuring instrument;
◆ Bearing product quality supervision and spot check;
◆ Selection and consultation of bearing application.
This laboratory solemnly promises:
Strictly keep confidential for customers; provide customers with fair, accurate and reliable test data and conclusions, so that customers enjoy the best service. Welcome new and old customers advice and patronage!

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