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Introduction to Postdoctoral Workstation

Approved by Zhejiang Provincial Personnel Department Zhejiang People's College (2006) No. 334, Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center Co., Ltd. set up a postdoctoral workstation at the end of 2006, which is the fifth postdoctoral workstation in China's bearing industry and the first postdoctoral workstation in the original Xiacheng District of Hangzhou City. The station relies on Hangzhou Bearing Test and Research Center Co., Ltd., cooperates with famous universities at home and abroad, is market-oriented, and adopts a win-win cooperation model of industry-university-research cooperation to cultivate and attract high-level technical management talents and enhance corporate self-test capabilities, Build a good scientific research platform. In the rolling bearing performance life testing, fault diagnosis, life prediction and other related fields to carry out scientific and technological research.

In December 2007, the second enterprise postdoctoral jointly recruited with Zhejiang University held an opening report meeting. Dr. Lou Hongliang made an opening report entitled "Research on the Reliability Enhancement Test Method of Rolling Bearings", starting from the background, significance and theoretical basis of the project research, elaborated the content, method, key problems to be solved and innovation points of the project research, and made a more detailed plan for the implementation of the project.

Postdoctoral Dr. Yin Jianjun made a mid-term research report entitled "Bearing Life Enhancement Test and Prediction Technology Research", and elaborated in detail the bearing dynamic load life testing machine system based on CNF control technology, from hardware, software, to control system and so on.

This postdoctoral opening report meeting invited experts and leaders from Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Provincial Personnel Department, Urban Personnel Bureau and other units. The experts and leaders attending the meeting conducted a very professional review of the opening report, fully affirmed the work done by the two postdoctoral fellows, and encouraged them to continue to work hard, study hard, and strive to make greater achievements.
In the future, post-doctoral workstations will further strengthen talent management and assessment, conduct forward-looking technical research in conjunction with enterprises, and reward those who have made outstanding contributions, so that post-doctoral workstations can develop steadily and healthily.

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