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BVT-1A Bearing vibration tester


BVT-1A Bearing vibration tester


Brief introduction

The bearing vibration tester, Model BVT-1A, developed by Hangzhou Bearing test & Research Center is a very useful instrument for measuring and analyzing bearing vibration and noise of ball bearing and taper roller bearing, with outside diameter up to 170mm. It is used for controlling bearing vibration and noise quality by the bearing manufacturing plants, for acceptance tests by bearing users, such as electric motor plants, and bearing sales agencies, as well as for evaluation and analysis of bearing vibration and noise by research institutes and laboratories. The tester consists of a velocity-type transducer, a driving system, a transducer positioning setup, an axial loading device with pneumatics, and an electronic cabinet. The performances of the tester, Model BVT-1, reach an advance level comparable to better than those of the same kind of instruments produced by other countries.



1. Velocity-type transducer with resonance frequency over 12KHz.

2. Hydrodynamic and hydrostatic spindle with high rotating accuracy and low starting.

3. Temperature Built-in presetting circuits for quick checking with an loud speaker used for checking bearing noise.

4. Built-in calibration circuit for checking measuring amplifiers.

5. Axial loading with pneumatically loader.

6. The vibration values of three frequency ranges.


Main Specifications

Size of bearing to be Measured I.D 3-60mm, O.D≤170mm
Range of indicated value 0-10000μm/s
Frequency scope Low 50-300Hz,Middle 300-1800Hz,High 1800-10000Hz
Axial load 0-250N
Power Spindle motor 380V,50Hz,tri-phase,370W
Pump motor 380V,50Hz,tri-phase,180W
Electronic cabinet 220V ±10%,50Hz
Power consumption Approx. 600W
Ambient temperature 5-40℃
Weight Approx. 400 kg
Dimensions 660*1030*1530mm


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