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BVT-5 Bearing vibration tester


BVT-5 Bearing vibration tester


Brief introduction

BVT-5 vibration (velocity) measuring instrument for bearings is a special instrument for measuring the vibration velocity of deep-groove ball bearings, angular-contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, shaft bearings of auto water pump and textile bearings, and is composed of a velocity-type sensor, a driver, a sensor position adjustment device, a pneumatic loader and a measuring amplifier, etc., and is applicable for bearing vibration detection in bearing factories, bearing acceptance in motor factories, metallurgy and petrochemical enterprises, and for bearing vibration analysis by colleges, universities and research institutions.



1. The resonant frequency of velocity-type sensor is above 12kHz.

2. The hydrostatic spindle rotating precision is high, and the start-up temperature is low.

3. The integrated circuit printing plate is equipped with, and the maintenance is convenient.

4. The preset definite-value circuit is equipped with, and the measurement can be implemented quickly.

5. The speaker is equipped with, and the bearing noise is monitored.

6. The calibration circuit is equipped with, and the measurement amplifier is calibrated.

7. The radial and axial load is stable and reliable.

8. High, medium and low bands appear simultaneously.

9. High, medium and low bands and direct frequency are equipped with output interface, which can be connected with other instruments, enable to further analyze for bearing vibration.


Main Specifications

Size of bearing to be Measured 5-60mm
Range of indicated value 0-10000μm/s
Frequency scope Low 50-300Hz,Middle 300-1800Hz,High 1800-10000Hz
Spindle speed 1800r/min
Radial load 150-300N
Axial load 0-250N
Power Spindle motor 380V,50Hz,tri-phase,370W
Pump motor 380V,50Hz,tri-phase,180W
Electronic cabinet 220V ±10%,50Hz
Power consumption Approx.600W
Ambient temperature 5-40℃
Weight Approx.450 kg
Dimensions 660*1030*1530mm
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