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Postdoctor workstation


By the personnel department of zhejiang province zhejiang is specially approved (2006) no. 2006, hangzhou bearing test center co., LTD. Was established in late 2006 postdoctoral workstation, is the fifth China bearing industry, hangzhou downtown first postdoctoral workstation. Station relying on hangzhou bearing test research center co., LTD., with the domestic and foreign well-known colleges and universities cooperation, take the market as the guidance, adopt the production-study-research cooperation and win-win cooperation mode, to cultivate and to attract high-level technical management talent, enhance corporate self-test capability, build a good platform for the research. In the test and fault diagnosis of rolling bearing performance life, life prediction related fields such as science and technology research.
7 years in December, and zhejiang university jointly recruit 2 enterprise postdoctoral, held the opening report. LouHongLiang postdoctoral present the topic studies of rolling bearing reliability improved test method of the opening report, from the research background, the significance and the theoretical basis, expounds the research content, method, is proposed to solve the key problems and the innovation points, and the implementation of the project made a detailed plan.
Jian-jun Yin, a postdoctoral fellow at the bearing life, strengthen the test and study of prediction technology of the medium-term research report, in detail elaborated the dynamic load bearing life testing machine based on the technology of CNF control system, from hardware and software, the control system has made the comprehensive consideration.
The postdoctoral opening report, invited from zhejiang university, zhejiang university of science and technology, the province of human affairs hall, the city personnel bureau and other units of the experts and leaders. Participating experts and led to the opening report very professional audit, fully affirmed the two postdoctoral work, encourage them to continue to work hard, hard, strive to make greater achievements.
Postdoctoral workstation in the future, will further strengthen talent management and assessment, in combination with forward-looking technology research of enterprise, to reward, has made outstanding contributions to make postdoctoral workstation stable and healthy development.