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Hangzhou Bearing Test & Research Center Co., Ltd. (original Hangzhou Bearing Test Research Center) is a quality inspection and research institute set up in 1980, which is assisted by the United Nations. The main work of the company is to research the fatigue life and dynamic performance of bearing, such as the application of high-tech research and related test equipment bearings the development and research work. With the international community advanced testing equipment and facilities, strong technical force, and a number of scientific researches in the application, the company has formed a relatively complete the development, manufacture, testing and service system. The company is located nearby the beautiful West Lake, only 6km from Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway; the transportation is very convenient.
Hangzhou Bearing Test & Research Center testing laboratories equipped "Machinery Industrial Bearings Product Quality Testing Center (Hangzhou)," industry authorized institutions. Testing laboratories has passed the Chinese National Accreditation Board for Laboratories ISO / IEC 17025:2005 (No.CNAS L0309) approvals. The inspection is with impartiality of a third party report. The main business covers Bearing Industry Quality Supervision, Inspection; bearings product quality testing and related performance test and evaluation commissioned by client; bearing failure analysis; CQC, MQC product demonstration and bearing industries across the three product quality inspection.
Hangzhou Bearing Test & Research Center Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a series of BVT bearing vibration (velocity) measurement instrument, ABLT series bearing life strengthen testing machine, BGT-1A seal bearing temperature resin dust leakage performance test machine, SBV-1 Ball Vibration (velocity) measurement instrument, XTP series rotary iron spectrometer, GFD-3 type lubricating grease filters and bearings, etc, also those products have been widely used in petrochemical, electronics, textile and military, and other fields.